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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beauty in Pain coming soon!

Well, in April I went to Tate Music Group in Mustang, OK to record my vocals for my Beauty in Pain album. To my dismay, when I got them back I didn't like them. It wasn't Tate's fault, really. I "oversang" them, and it sounded like I was yelling the songs instead of singing them with feeling as I intended. The guys at Tate must have thought that was how I sang and didn't want to judge! My strength is in my writing more so than my voice, but I sing much better than I heard on that CD!

Last night I just finished re-recording my vocals with Horizon Music Group in West Haven, CT. I want to thank Vic Steffens for the great job and great time we had recording! He has been doing this for a very long time, and has recorded a lot of big names. It was an honor to work with him, and I look forward to working with him for my vocals for album #2, that Tate Music Group will be starting to work on in September: "Walking in Wisdom: Singing the Proverbs." I really enjoy putting the messages on my heart to song to be shared with the world.

As soon as the CD is finalized, hopefully in the next couple weeks or so, I will be able to release my music video for my song, "Feelings", and also post pictures of the really cool cover!  Thanks to Tate Music Group for doing such a great job with the background music, mixing and mastering, and the cover/insert, etc. Thanks also for the great job on the music video. This has truly been an exciting ride!


  1. Sounds like the home boys are more on the ball then the Tate group.

    1. Tate is wonderful, but I really like recording my vocals locally so if anything needs to be tweaked or redone, I can drive a half hour away instead of getting on a plane!