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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oklahoma City trip - recording "Sold Out! for God, Family & Country" album

I'll tell you what.  God is moving in our midst.  There is no doubt about it.  I know God is working in our state of Connecticut.  How about your state or country? Do you sense God's presence?  If you do, do you know where it's coming from? The Holy Spirit as He is allowed to work in the hearts and lives of believers.  I'm an undone servant of God; He uses us, the unworthy vessels that we are, and molds us and makes us new, and it's such an honor to be used by God.

I was so delighted to be in OKC last week, recording a very special album called, "SOLD OUT! for God, Family & Country."  You know, I have struggles just like many others, but God teaches through those things so that we can grow and encourage others who are also struggling.  What we can stand on and depend on is not our own feelings or emotions, but on God Himself and His presence, His promises, and His power.

This album has words that are powerful because they are based on the Word of God.  There are deep spiritual truths that are brought to light through the medium of music.  When I write my songs, I don't sit at a piano and start playing a tune and then make words fit that tune.  On the contrary, I study the Word of God, read good Christian books and literature, and if the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart through it, then I write a poem.  I then sit down at the keyboard and read the words and allow a tune to come into my head.  Once it starts, usually within a minute or two, I start writing the note names above the words.  Then it's time to chord it out on the keyboard.  Next, I play an accompaniment on the keyboard and record it onto a CD.  I get a friend to record me singing to the piano accompaniment, and then after signing a contract with Tate Music Group, I send the demo to them.  Tate Music Group creates professional accompaniment tracks, and sends them to me to practice.  I get a week or two to do this, and then it's time to come to OKC and record an album! I've also recorded locally at Horizon Music Group in West Haven, CT.  It's so much fun to work on a project such as this, and seeing those messages the Lord put on my heart turning into beautiful, fun, inspiring songs.

While I was there I was able to do a photo shoot, music video, record my vocals, and get a wonderful tour of Tate Publishing, Tate Music Group, and their printing and shipping dept.  It's a strong, thriving and growing company. I got to talk personally with the President and CEO, and was able to thank him for having this company, and the mission to print and publish the words that the Lord puts on our hearts to write, whether through book, ebook, audio book, or CD.  They have hard and soft covers for the books.

Here are a few pictures from our trip. My daughter Amanda went with me, and we had a blast!

My album of songs.

Tate Publishing and Tate Music Group are in Mustang, OK, SW of OKC.

We visited the OKC Bombing memorial. Very sad.

It was fun seeing a piece of the historic Rt. 66.

OKC makes me happy because for me it represents what I love to do the most: write books and songs for the Lord.

Tate Publishing: where my dreams come true!

 They were so welcoming!

My awesome Marketing Rep, Cody Crawford.

My recording booth. Very nice.

 Josh Sohn (left) is the Producer who recorded my vocals, and Don Johnson (right) is the Executive Producer who made the background accompaniments.

Part of the studio.

I got to sign my name on the famous wall of Tate Music Group artists. This is only a tiny part of the several walls that have signatures!

We went to Edmond and Arcadia on the old historic Rt. 66, and went to Pops, where they have every possible soda flavor imaginable!

This lights up colors at night!

 Doing my photo shoot and music video at the State Capitol of Oklahoma, the Heartland of America!

Pops was also at the Will Rogers World Airport!

Beautiful shot, isn't it? We were landing in Detroit at sunset. This was another plane landing at almost the same time as us.

The Detroit airport, with a really cool fountain!

A special thanks to those who were praying for the success of this trip; recording went very well!  Please continue to pray for the success of this album to touch  many hearts and lives for the Lord Jesus Christ.  God bless you!

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