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Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Prayer for the Political Process

I don't know who you are cheering for in the Republican or Democratic battle for the American Presidency 2016, but one thing I think we would all agree on: there are a lot of high emotions going on by the American people.  Do you ever feel stressed about the election?  I know I do!  Sometimes I feel like this is a circus show.  I respect men and women who can share facts and their plans without getting into name calling and spending most of their time bashing others.  I do realize that you have to defend attacks against you, and that if there is important information to share that you think the American people should know about another candidate, then share it but in a respectful way, and let the American people decide for themselves.  There are a couple Republican candidates who have really refrained from childish behavior, and I respect that.  I have not decided yet who to vote for, but one thing I do know: our country needs prayer.  Let's take a moment to pray to God our Father to help guide us in wisdom as this vitally important election year takes place:

Dear Lord,

We come before you first of all in humility, knowing that you are Almighty God, full of honor and glory, and you have created us in your image.  We are so thankful for your love and care toward us.  Thank you for sending your son Jesus to die for the sins of the world so that we can have hope and salvation from our sin and spiritual death.  As this election comes forth, we realize that America is at a crossroads, and whoever takes the seat of power as our nation's leader may turn the tide that not only changes the direction of our country, but likely even the direction of the world.  You know the future, and nothing that happens in this life or in this world occurs without your knowledge and permission, because you are ultimately in control, although you give us free will to make decisions and live with our consequences.  We want to make sure we are responsible citizens, and vote for the one that you know would be best for our country and our world.  Please give us wisdom to know who to choose, and please empower that person to stay strong and continue to fight to the end.  Bless that individual, and make it clear who we should vote for so that we as a nation will stand united like never before.  Help us to be able to see lies and see truth clearly and not be a victim of deceit.  Please help us to strengthen our nation within our own spirits and lives as individuals, and may we manage our families well with love and care and compassion.  Please help all of us who are without jobs to be employed, and work hard to make this nation great, not only in economics, education, healthcare, security, business, etc., but in character, honesty, integrity, love, compassion, and wisdom.  May we honor you once again by being a nation to make you proud, to protect the innocent, heal the sick, strengthen families, educate ourselves to be useful in service to others.  May we once again be a respected and revered nation among other nations, and may you be honored and glorified once again through the United States of America.  Please protect the candidates, and whoever wins, please give that individual guidance and strength to lead according to your will.  Bring revival to our nation and start with me; may I please you today with my attitude, my work ethic, and my caring heart.  Please forgive us as a nation for our sins and for falling away, and please strengthen us to turn back to you, united in faith, love, hope, and strength.  Please bless America.  We love you.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

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