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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Makes a Family?

What Makes a Family?
By Dawn Foss

What makes a family, does it matter who you are,
In such a diverse culture, where we come from near and far?
People helped by neighbors, relatives, and friends,
All working together, is this a worthy trend?

Families can be churches, communities and clubs,
All with common interests, goals, and welcomed hugs.
Being there when trouble really hits the fan,
Loving one another respects your fellow man.

These are truly good things, we really need each other,
Reaching out with care, helping one another.
Defining what a family is can widely be defined,
But defining what a marriage is must stay within the lines.

God created marriage for one woman and a man,
Meant to be a lifetime, committed to God’s plan.
We mess things up when we’re outside the natural design,
Mistaking bonding between friends, we try to redefine.

Since marriage was created before we had the law,
Lawyers cannot change it, even though we are so flawed.
Sin creates problems with relationships, it’s true,
But doesn’t justify a change that’s just not ours to do.

A sex-crazed society can distort what’s good and right
Trying to fulfill what we want at any price.
Friendship, family, worshipping God is what we really need
To fill that hole inside us is what so many plead.

Spend time with a human, without the digital,
Face to face, one on one, this is so natural;
You will feel the bond that God desires for us all,
Not with sex but true friendship, breaking down a wall.

Get to know the God who knows your intimate design,
You’ll find His love will satisfy every last desire.
Read His Word to see He has a purpose and a plan
For your whole life, He knew you before the world began.

Trust the Lord who made you well to know what’s best for you,
He’ll help you through your struggles with all you feel and do.
Please Him with obedience, you’ll surely rise above,
And thank Him for your family, your friends and those you love.

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