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Monday, July 28, 2014

Why Do I Love Jesus?

In my upcoming book, Fully Persuaded, you'll see that I really and truly love God, and believe in Him with all my heart. The mission of my book is to show you why, to give you a reason for this belief that is in me. You will have to decide for yourself what you believe, and how committed you will be for the cause of Christ.

From a little girl, I have attended church, actually grew up in church you could say. I love church, and everything it stands for. It is a place where I can worship God with other people who also love Him, I can sing and play music that glorifies the Lord, I can enjoy the sense of community and family that a church brings as we have activities together, and even greater, serving the Lord together in various ministries.

I recently was reminiscing as I looked back at pictures of our church family in 2002. Only 12 years ago, but it's amazing how many of those people are no longer there, many have moved away, and several have passed away. Most of the teens have gotten married and many have children now, and my two daughters who were little are now in college, and one is married as well. It's such a great feeling, tho, to still be at the same church, and see how young many of us were and how age has crept up on us, but we're still serving the Lord faithfully together. There's not a greater feeling in the world for me, and perhaps that is because I just love the Lord so much! I love my family that God has blessed me with, I love my friends and acquaintances, and while we shouldn't love things, I really like my home, my job, my local community, the opportunities I've had to write books, poems, and songs, and life itself! My life has not been perfect, but I think that the summation of our lives will be good or bad in our minds based on what we choose to focus on. The Lord has blessed me with many good things that I can focus on, and I just praise Him for that! We can always find something good to focus on, even when going through rough times.

I wrote a poem this week that I'd like to share with you. Perhaps this is the beat of your heart, too.

Why Do I Love Jesus?
By Dawn Foss

How do I describe the love
I have in my heart for Jesus?
It's a closeness and a bond,
No one loves me like He does.

When I feel lonely or afraid,
I pray for safety and for peace.
When I get time alone with God,
We have a fellowship that's sweet.

Why would I search for another
When all I need is from the Lord?
I am fully satisfied,
He is awesome and adored.

My problem is my lifelong sin,
It rises up in me each day.
Only Jesus pardons sin,
He's the Life, the Truth, the Way.

Place your faith in Jesus Christ,
Your works are simply not enough.
If you ask Him He will save you,
Filling your life with His love.

I know that my wicked heart
Could easily be turned aside;
That is why I focus on Him,
Daily with Him I'll abide.

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