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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Devotional That is Hard to Put Down - FULLY PERSUADED!

I know I'm the author, so I may be a little biased, but this book is a fantastic read!  I read this again and again because it inspires me, and reviews key concepts in my mind so I can better defend my faith. But what I really like about this book, besides having great information in it from trusted sources, is that it's kind, thoughtful, and easy to read.  It has a comfortable font, plenty of white space, reflections at the end of each chapter, and poems to break up the reading from time to time.  It's written heart to heart in a personable way.  It has a lot of Scripture in it, typed out so you don't have to look it up yourself, which adds to the convenience.  The chapters are not too long, so even though there are 6 main units to this book, the chapters within each unit are easy to get through.

Topics include critical thinking, what tolerance actually means, biblical world view, world religions, atheism and philosophies about God and religion, ethical principles from God's Word, Christians and judging, homosexuality, abortion, prayer, manuscripts of the Bible, the existence of truth, the creation of the world, what to look for in a good church, and much more!  It has 499 pages, and that includes some handy appendixes at the end, such as verses for assurance of salvation, biblical doctrines such as angels, and the plan of salvation.  There is also a page at the end where you are encouraged to write a letter to God to dedicate your life to Him.  It's so practical, and includes tips for studying the Bible, how it's organized, and the Lord's Prayer.

The retail is $33.99, but I sell them for $20 each, including CT Sales Tax, at the events that I attend. I make very little money on these at that price, but I want to make this available to as many people as I can. Here is a link to see my upcoming events: Dawn's upcoming events

Also, coming up APRIL 21 - the release date for FULLY PERSUADED!  After this date it will be available from amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, etc.  This is a great book for teens and up.  My pastor said that if he saw this in a bookstore, he would flip through it and buy it.  It's hard to see when it's online, but it's a book that's hard to put down, and you will grow spiritually. It's also a super resource for Sunday School or Bible studies. You may even find yourself "on fire" for the Lord as you walk fully persuaded in your faith, ready to proclaim the truths from God's Word to those around you with confidence and joy!

Additionally, the Sword of the Lord publishers reviewed Fully Persuaded and accepted it for advertisement in their international newspaper.  It will be in their paper in May.  This is a book you can trust!  God bless you, and I hope this book will be a blessing to you in your walk with the Lord!

Buy it now from Tate Publishing  $33.99 paperback, or $15.99 eBook

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