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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The holiness of God - #1 of 6

R.C. Sproul from Ligonier Ministries preached a series about the holiness of God that I absolutely love!  I recommend listening to it yourself, as he articulates so well.  http://www.ligonier.org/learn/series/holiness_of_god/the-importance-of-holiness/?  But just in case you don't want to or don't have time, here are some highlights I typed up.  I am burdened by the fact that we (myself included!) don't have the proper reverence for God in this generation. I believe that is because we don't fully understand the holiness of God.  This series really puts it in perspective, and I believe that once you have gone through this series, you'll never be the same.

Here are some tidbits from Dr. R.C. Sproul's series #1 of 6 on The Holiness of God (from Isaiah 6): "The Importance of Holiness." When God creates something, He doesn't waste anything. He makes it fit for its environment (fish with fins and gills, birds with feathers and wings, etc.). The Seraphim around the throne of God have 6 wings, 2 to fly, but 2 to cover their faces, and 2 to cover their feet. The feet represent creatureliness, and they are in the presence of God Almighty. Two wings cover their faces. Moses asked God if he could look at him, and God said no one could see His face and live. Moses had to be covered in the cleft of a rock in order to see the back end of God's glory as it passed by, and as a result, that light reflected on Moses' face to the point the people told him to cover his face because he was blinding them! So in order to survive, the Seraphim cover their faces.

They sing all day and night: "Holy, holy, holy, the Lord God Almighty, heaven and earth is filled with His glory." We bold, underline, italicize, and put exclamation points to emphasize something. The Jews would do verbal repetition to emphasize something, and repeating something 3 times put it in the superlative emphasis. That is the only trait of God that is mentioned this way. Not love, love, love, or justice, justice. justice, but holy, holy, holy. They sing that day and night. The reaction of inanimate objects such as the doorposts and thresholds to the manifestation of the holiness of God was they shook and trembled. If these lifeless things are so moved, how can we as humans be apathetic or indifferent to God's majesty? God alone is holy.

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