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Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Will Be Here song

I wrote this song, "I Will Be Here" shortly after having a miscarriage in the 1990's.  I just had it published about 3 years ago, along with 3 other songs I wrote in the 1990's.  Those songs went on a back burner while I raised my family (sorry; I know "reared my family" is proper English, but it just sounds funny!), and now that my children are grown, I have decided to publish some songs that I hope will be a blessing to others.  This song is featured on my Beauty in Pain album, and is available online through many sites, including Tate Music Group, amazon.com, iTunes, dfgal1109.wixsite.com, www.dawnfoss.tateauthor.com, and others.  The ones from dfgal1109.wixsite.com are from my personal stock, so can be signed if you request it.

I hope this song is an encouragement to you, and soothes your soul.  Don't we have a lot of anxieties in this life?  Sometimes a soothing song is the best medicine, and I speak that as a family nurse practitioner!

God bless you.

Dawn Foss

Listen to "I Will Be Here"

Check out my Beauty in Pain album, and listen to more sample songs from the album.

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