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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fully Persuaded book to be published in 2014!!!


Praise the Lord, my 3rd book Fully Persuaded has been accepted by Tate Publishing, and will be published in 2014!  It's a book meant for inquiring minds, to answer the tough questions about Christianity.  Please pray for this book to touch many lives for the glory of God.  Following is the table of contents, which is subject to change as we go through editing:

Section 1 – ME
 TIME OUT FOR A POEM – “Beauty in Pain”
            Chapter 1 – Do I Matter?
            Chapter 2 – Should I Take A Chance?
            Chapter 3 – What Does It Mean To Be Fully Persuaded?
Chapter 4 – What Makes My Life Memorable?
Chapter 5 – How Do I Critically Think?
Section 2 – OTHERS
TIME OUT FOR A POEM – “Ministry Bliss”
Chapter 6 – How Do I Live Wisely and Make Good Decisions?
Chapter 7 – What Are Other Ethical Principles To Live By?
Chapter 8 – Does It Really Matter What I Do and Say?
Chapter 9 – What Does it Mean to Forgive?
Chapter 10 – What about Christians and Judging?
Chapter 11 – Who Has the Right to Judge Me?
Chapter 12 – Tolerance – Can We Agree to Disagree?
TIME OUT FOR A POEM – “The Tales of a Teenage Heart”
Section 3 – GOD
Chapter 13 – Can Truth be Known?
Chapter 14 – Where Did the World Come From?
            Chapter 15 – Who is the Designer of Life?
            Chapter 16 – Is There an Absolute Moral Authority?
            Chapter 17 – Shall We Take a Stroll Down the Atheist Hall of Fame?
            Chapter 18 – Does God Really Exist?
            Chapter 19 – Who is God and What is He Like? Part 1
Chapter 20 – Who is God and What is He Like? Part 2
Chapter 21 – What are the Attributes of God?
TIME OUT FOR A POEM –“Christmas Love”
Chapter 22 – The Bible – Do We Have the Word of God Today?
Chapter 23 – The Manuscripts of the Bible – Do They All Agree?
Chapter 24 – The Preservation of Scripture – Can We Trust It?
            Chapter 25 – Studying the Bible – Where Do I Start?
            Chapter 26 – How Do I Understand the Content of the Bible?
            Chapter 27 – Prayer – Does It Really Change Things?
            TIME OUT FOR A POEM – “Feelings”
Section 5 – CHURCH 
            Chapter 28 – The World of Religion – How Do I Choose With So Many Options?
Chapter 29 – Secular World Views – Is Morality Relative?
Chapter 30 – Secular World Views – What is Determinism vs. Free Will, and Nihilism?
Chapter 31 – What is a Biblical Worldview?
Chapter 32 – Is Church Important?
Chapter 33 – What Makes Up a Winning Church?
Chapter 34 – What are the Doctrines of the Bible?
Chapter 35 – What Exactly is Separation of Church and State, and Do We Have A Christian Heritage?
TIME OUT FOR A POEM – “The Truth of the Matter”
            Chapter 36 – What is Purity?
Chapter 37 – Why is our Culture Centered on Sexual Sin?
Chapter 38 – What Can I Do to Prevent Sexual Sin?
Chapter 39 – Homosexuality – What’s It All About?
Chapter 40 – Homosexuality – Are People Really Born This Way?
Chapter 41 – Homosexuality – How Does This Affect My World?
Chapter 42 – Abortion – What Are We Really Choosing?
            Chapter 43 – Defending My Faith – Am I Ready?
TIME OUT FOR A POEM – “Reflecting on God’s Love and Comfort”

Happy New Year!  May this upcoming year 2014 be the best yet!

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