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Friday, October 9, 2015

Sold Out! for God, Family & Country now available!

Great news!  My third album, Sold Out! for God, Family & Country is now available for purchase through Tate Music Group!  I am so excited about this album, and I will tell you why.  This is a 2-disc set with 16 songs total, and there is a great variety of songs on this album.  The styles range from worshipful songs to bluegrass to patriotic to a style all my own.  Some of the songs are taken directly from Scripture, one honors community helpers, and one is a special favorite: "I Love My Mother."  "A Good Daddy" is a collection of definitions from my 4th-6th grade Sunday School class on what they believe makes a good daddy.  

The third song on the album called, "Something We All Have in Common" was one of the songs I had the privilege of singing in front of our state capitol of Connecticut at the Bushnell Park on September 12, 2015 at the Gospel Festival, with mics loud enough to be heard on the area streets.  We all look for unity - well, something we all have in common is presented in this song. 

One song called, "Praise Be To God" I wrote when we were in financial strains.  I wanted a song that would be good to sing when going through hard times, to remember to honor and glorify God when things are going well...and when things aren't.  Praise be to God just the same.

"You Be The One" has somewhat of a sports theme, cheering you on to not wait for someone else to do great things that need to be done, but for you to go ahead and just do it! Honor God with your life, no matter what others are doing. Just be the one that God can count on.  He wants to use us, so let's be there, be available for His service - the best team you could ever be on! Go, go go!

There is also a song based on an outline by George Zeller from Middletown Bible Church that shows how absurd it is to doubt God's Word, especially as it relates to eternal security.  There is a lot of doctrine packed into that little song!  

The song, "My Lord and My God" has a beautiful penny flute that was recorded in Nashville - gives it a Celtic feel. It's one of my favorites, especially because it gets down to the heart of everything - our belief in the existence of God.

There are some fun sounding banjos in some of the songs, too. I wrote a song based on a funny expression by friend Stephanie used to say when we were teens, and while it's a kind of joke, there is some good truth in it about not taking ourselves too seriously.  God's not done working on us yet! Keep trying to do right, but don't get discouraged when people are mean hearted toward you.  

There is a song about the prodigal son that focuses on forgiveness.  There is also a song called, "Super Hero Syndrome" that empathizes with those who dedicate their lives for service to others.  The first verse reflects my own experience of when I worked evenings as a nurse in the ICU.

The last song on the album is called, "This is Why I Love Him", and is an absolutely beautiful song worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ, who loved us before we ever loved Him.  I remember being on the plane coming home from Oklahoma, where I recorded this album, and looking at the beautiful sky and white, puffy clouds, and listening to the accompaniment to this song. So beautiful.

My patriotic song is a favorite of mine: "A Country Without a Man."  You've heard of a man without a country, right?  Well, this song talks about how awful it would be for America to stand alone without men and women, boys and girls who are brave enough to stand for what is right, to "do America proud", to be patriotic and true to the red, white and blue and all she stands for.  This song is the one I chose for my music video, which was done in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol.  Click here to see my music video: A Country Without a Man music video

The release date for my album is December 1, 2015!  Then it will be available through national distribution, and some international markets.

This is the link to my electronic press kit, where you can learn more about the album, and purchase a copy if you wish. There will be sample songs, a few photos, and the video linked on this as well; should be complete next week. I just couldn't wait to get started sharing the good news about my album!  This is my favorite one so far, and brings in a lot of truths through song.Sold Out! for God, Family & Country electronic press kit

This is a direct link to Tate Music Group's online store. Tate Music Group online store for buying Sold Out! for God, Family & Country

You can also order through my website:  http://dawnfoss.tateauthor.com/

This is the cover of my album.  I wanted to combine God, family, and country in a single picture, so having a teen boy reading his Bible unashamedly on the front step of his house with an American flag waving proudly in his front yard encapsulated all of these treasures in one.

This is not a backdrop - this is the real deal - Oklahoma State Capitol.  I LOVE Oklahoma!!!  I think it's because I adore Tate Publishing and Tate Music Group so much, and they are located in Mustang, OK. They are making my dreams come true as I have this unique opportunity to share God's truths with others through my writings of books and music.

I will have you know that I had to touch the tree while avoiding ants from walking on my fingers!  It was also in the 90's and very humid out - we didn't get many shots that day because I quickly got very hot and sweaty!  But we did get a few good ones.

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