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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

There's Nothing Like Going to Church

The church - so amazing how everyone comes with various backgrounds, and yet we are all unified because of Jesus Christ! A friend reminded me that Simon the Zealot hated Rome, and yet Matthew was a tax collector for Rome. And yet they could come together as believers in Christ and be unified because of their love for and faith in Jesus. One thing that is important about the church: God loves the church so much He calls it His Bride. I wrote a poem/song about the church to hopefully get people to be attracted to this bride, because if we want to show Jesus we love Him, we will love what He loves. So many people sadly think they can do things their own way, and disregard the church, because of all kinds of excuses like hypocrisy, money hungry preachers, etc., but bottom line: if you are going to be right with God, you are going to love what He loves, and be involved in His church. If there's something wrong with it, hop on board and make it better, but first and foremost, come in unity because it's all about Jesus. Love Him, and disregard the failings of everyone else that is distracting you from His beauty and holiness.

There’s Nothing Like Going to Church
By Dawn Foss
There is nothing like going to church,
Where you feel a sense of community.
Worshipping together by singing God’s praise,
And giving in the offering.
Hearing the preaching and praying to God,
The Holy Spirits moving, touching hearts in the crowd,
There’s nothin’ like making decisions for Christ,
There’s nothing like going to church!
Mother’s Day banquets and Father’s Day roasts,
And Fourth of July picnics are fun;
We love missions conferences, revivals, retreats,
Excitement stirs up everyone!
Bus ministry, Sunday School, Jr. Church,
Master Clubs, Awanas, and more,
Teaching all the children to love God and His Word,
From teens to babies crawling on the floor!

Visitation Saturday mornings are great,
Knocking doors, inviting them to
Come out Sunday morning and learn about God,
Something many intended to do!
Christmas caroling in the nursing homes,
Bringing cheer and spreading God’s Light;
Decorated bulletin boards, music choirs,
Make holidays so festive and bright!

Easter Sunday mornings, sunrise services, too,
Bring celebration here to a peak,
Candlelight services are so beautiful,
All day services are really a treat!
Christian fellowship is totally grand,
But we love something greater by far,
The time to worship Jesus, and grow in His grace,
Use our gifts, relying on the Lord’s power!

One amazing thing that never grows old,
Is the unity of everyone;
So many backgrounds and differences,
Yet united through Jesus God’s Son! 

Communion, ordinations, baby dedications,
Baptisms, weddings, funerals, too,
Bring us all together to honor our friends,
Our families, our Lord, and His Word.
Youth groups, Christian schools, Bible camps are so cool,
Singing for the Lord is the best!
All these wondrous things and so much more
Will leave you feeling so mighty blessed!

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  1. I thought Rome was great. Good food, great sites, great art. The Vatican was amazing.