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Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Valentine's Day poem - reflecting on enduring love!

I wrote this poem with my daughter and future son-in-law in mind.  Their love has endured hardships and trials like most early relationships never have to experience. I admire their steadfastness and faithfulness to each other, and it reflects the love that Christ has for us. He is ever faithful, forgiving, and patient with us.  I hope that your relationships reflect this same love, and if not, it's never too late to start building them stronger.

Love That Endures
By Dawn Foss

Whether male or female
One thing is very sure,
We all need someone faithful
Whose love will still endure

Through the tears and heartaches, 
Whether rich or poor,
Healthy or in sickness,
We need love to endure.

No one needs a heckler
When going through this life,
Instead we need supporters
Not ones who bring on strife.

A happy home has peace,
Encouragement and fun;
Life's pace, fast or slow,
Makes time for one on one.

A heart of love endures
Through trials, great and small,
Because the person loved
Is simply worth it all.

This love will pay attention
To the other's needs;
Selfish, rude it's not,
Through prayer it intercedes.

Love needs to show respect,
God works through both of you;
Be a partner, not a boss,
Loyalty will ensue.

A useless noise is life
That lacks enduring love;
Forgiveness, kindness, grace
Reflects God's heart above.

So when you have the honor
To know such love like this,
Let that love flow outward
To bring more joy and bliss.

Enduring, faithful love
Sends a message ever true:
That God loves all of us
Of this we can be sure.

Don't take this love for granted,
It's real, it's not pretend;
Thank the Lord for love
That endures to the very end.

May this February (which I consider "love month") be a time of rekindling your relationships in a pure way, not with strings attached or selfish motivations. Honor God by sharing His love with others. Be faithful, and set the example so the world can see the power of true love. God bless you, and Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I love this is so true. Love you, Donna Prosser

    1. Thanks, Donna! This is almost 24 yrs. of marriage speaking, and then observing the beautiful love of my daughter and her fiance. Love is so important in all our lives, and I am so glad that we can know God's love all the time, no matter what!