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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thank You For My Children

Please enjoy my poem as you reflect upon the people in your life that you love so much. These thoughts came to my mind tonight as I was looking through some old photos. Yes, I'm getting older, and so is my family, but what wonderful memories we share, with hopefully many more to come!  Life is precious, and it's good to remember that for better or worse, the chapter you're living in now will eventually come to a close, and a new chapter starts. When you know the Lord, you can have peace and joy in the midst of those days of suffering and trials, knowing there are brighter days ahead. I know I have experienced that throughout the years. Persevere, and take some time to thank God for the blessings great and small that He has showered you with in your life.

Thank You For My Children
By Dawn Foss

Thank you for my children,
So precious through and through;
And all the time together,
What a gift from You!

I cherish all the memories
As I look back meditating,
So thankful for the good times,
But see how much we’re aging!

How quickly time flies by
While we’re having so much fun;
Thinking back of old times,
I really had my run.

I met so many people,
That mean a lot to me;
Chapters in my life
Are a fading memory.

Fun trips and vacations
Were welcome times to rest;
Amusements Parks and rides,
Nature walks were just the best.

So thankful for the photos
That bring back into play,
The life once lived upon
A time, another day.

Bittersweet it feels,
To watch the children grow;
Wonderful to see,
But life winds down, we know.

Sadness could embrace
This weary heart of mine,
But I know better really,
The future is sublime!

The story truly ends
In blessings evermore;
That even though we age,
God has much more in store.

My family ever loved
Is always near my heart.
The Lord brings inner youth
Like a fresh, renewing start.

I thank you, Lord, for all
You’ve given me to love,
May that keep passing forward
To reflect Your love above.

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