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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Patriotic Service at First Baptist Church in Ansonia, CT 7-3-16

I had the privilege of attending this event, and having my book table and singing a couple songs.  I forgot to take a picture when my table was all set up, and don't have a picture of me singing, but wanted to share some pictures from that great afternoon.  Area churches got together and sang songs unto the Lord.  Macedonia Baptist Church was also represented, and sang some songs.  They used to be a part of First Baptist, but broke off to have their own church in town.  The spirit was sweet between the two churches.

My favorite part was the Bontrager family singing group from Iowa.  They are farmers, mom, dad, and the rest are brothers and sisters with one older brother home managing the farm.  They travel six months out of the year to perform Christian bluegrass music, and do farming the rest of the year, which largely funds their ministry.  It was so much fun to listen to their music!  I bought a CD, and is one of my favorites.  I attached one small videos I took; the others were too large to upload to blogspot.  But it at least gives a little flavor for their music.  As you can see in the pictures, my favorite one was when they played, "Glory to His Name" all bunched up together, playing their instrument and the one next to them! Even the little ones participated. The Bontrager family was so wonderful to watch, and I had the opportunity to talk to them afterwards, and they are as nice as they seem!

Thank you to Pastor John Hinson for hosting this fun and uplifting event.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and video!

 First Baptist Church, Ansonia, CT
 Pastor John Hinson

 Macedonia Baptist Church choir

 I loved his patriotic singing and spirit!

 The Pastor from Macedonia Baptist Church preached a great message.

 This lovely lady sang a song for us on her guitar.
The Bontrager Family Singers.  Fortunately I sang BEFORE them; they would be a tough act to follow!  They closed out the program.

This was my favorite part!  The teen boy is playing a harmonica also!

 This is where my table was.
 The view of the church's back yard - beautiful!
 The Bontrager family had a nice table of their CDs.
 Again, this is where my table was.
Across from my table was the entrance to the sanctuary.

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