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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thoughts on Church and Worship

I've heard many a preacher say that we should be more excited in church, because they know we can get excited as evidenced by our behavior at a sporting event. However, I would like to make the argument that church is not a sporting event. It is a place of humble worship, and we are to show reverence to a holy God. Not to say we can't smile and laugh at a joke the preacher makes! But the sanctuary should reflect the holiness of God.
We could take a lesson from the Catholics in their beautiful architecture, probably done as an offering to God to show respect and try to reflect a piece of heaven on earth.  It gives one a sense of awe and wonder as one enters and worships in that place.  There's also some value in a warm, inviting, family-friendly atmosphere.  But respect should still be shown either way.
Also, group worship is different from personal worship. We ought to conduct ourselves in a holy, righteous manner with respect to others, but with a heart of humility and sincerity. That has been on my heart lately. I love God's church - it has been my source of strength and comfort throughout the years, and I cherish it with all my heart.  I love my church - Meriden Hills Baptist Church, whom I believe has this balance. I love my church family.
I hope you too have found a church you can call "home."  It's such a blessing to be a part of a church community, in which everyone is trying to improve and do their best for God.  It is a great place for you to use your talents and wisdom for a greater cause than yourself.  It also is fun to share holidays and activities with a group of people who share your same values.  Education and counseling is also a part of a church ministry.  I encourage you to find a church that will help you and your family grow spiritually, reaches out to others, is not abusive (unfortunately I have to add that; there are cults out there to avoid), and helps you worship God in a group setting.  It is also an opportunity for you to be a blessing to others as you use your spiritual gifts.  
Worship is done through congregational singing, giving an offering and tithe, praying, and allowing God's Word to speak to you as the preacher expounds on it.  The Holy Spirit will do a wonderful work in your soul if you are open to it.  Don't forget to worship God privately also - He deserves our worship and awe 24/7!  God bless you.

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