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Sunday, October 20, 2013


I wrote this poem today because I was thinking about how many times we tend to let our feelings control us. We are not slaves to our emotions, or at least we don't have to be!  It's easy to act upon how we feel, but that's where we need to know truth, and the difference between right and wrong. How we treat others is important, and feelings of anxiety, bitterness, anger, depression, pain and hurt, attractions, obsessions, illness - you name it! - do not give us liberty to do what's wrong or mistreat others.  That only makes things worse. Yes, there's life beyond PMS and hormones!  We also need to be careful that we don't define who we are by our feelings. 

I'd like to encourage you (and myself, too!) to think before you act or speak, and when irritable or not feeling well or not feeling "yourself", still do the right thing. With God's help, you can be an overcomer.


By Dawn Foss

One important thing in life
To know that really pays,
Is that feelings don’t determine
How you spend your days.

You have a choice, choose it well
When it comes to life,
Acting on one’s anger
Just leads to greater strife.

Feeling so emotional
Is not a good excuse
For treating others badly
And acting with abuse.

Anxiety can get you down
Yet you can choose to trust;
God will not forsake you,
But praying is a must.

Sadness and depression
Can lead you to despair,
But you can have both joy and peace,
Just go to God in prayer.

Attractions and obsessions
Can also steer you wrong;
How you feel does not mandate
Who you are at all.

Feelings can be transient,
Or even troublesome;
Flesh will want more pleasure,
Giving temporary fun.

Hearts can lead astray,
Pain leads to breaks and scars;
Decisions can be tainted
When left to bitter hearts.

People often bully
When there is deeper pain;
Acting mean and nasty
Just gives more hurt again.

Don’t rely on how you feel,
Make a better plan;
Drive your actions based how one
Should treat their fellow man.

God’s Word will never let you down,
It shows you what is right;
Act on that and you will find
Your future will be bright.

Set the example, take a stand
And you’ll find more and more,
Your feelings won’t control you
Like they once did before.

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