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Friday, June 26, 2015

Part 3 of Short Story: The Story of Maddie

We left off with the veil mishap.  Maddie was on her way to marrying William, but she was having a veil fiasco.  She was hoping her dad would save the day, but she didn't even know exactly what the damage was.   How many layers did the veil even have?  Three?  She thought maybe there were two layers over her face, but certainly there had to have been a layer or two in the back as well.  It wasn't until later when she saw the pictures that she realized there were only two layers to her veil, and BOTH were brought over to the front, so that her hair was showing in the back!  Awful!

Well, the moment came when her dad announced that he and Maddie's mom were giving her away.  He lifted her veil and gave her a quick kiss on her cheek, and then....he dropped it back down over her face!  No!!!!!!!  How could they be smooth about this and fix her veil?  She looked at her matron of honor to fix it, but it wasn't a quick fix that she could do without making a disruption in the service.  She looked at her pastor, and had to look around the part of the veil that was folded up and opaque.  Then she looked at William, and the same thing - she was looking at him through an opaque veil.  She focused on the beauty of the moment and had the fight the distraction of the veil.  Finally William saved the day when they got to the end and the pastor said, "You may kiss the bride."  He lifted the veil and her matron of honor was able to pull it all the way back and fix it nicely behind her.

They walked down the aisle hand in hand as man and woman as they smiled at their guests.  They came down with their wedding party, and shook hands with their guests as they left.  The guests made their way to the church gym where the reception would take place.  Report came that the caterer was late. But they did eventually arrive, and brought delicious food.  They came and were announced to their guests as husband and wife for the first time in public. Once they got settled in, they went to have their pictures taken.  They were driving about 5-10 min. away to a lovely place near a pond.  It was hot and humid, but at least sunny out.

They got to the spot for their pictures and started taking many combinations of pictures with family and the wedding party.  When it was time for Maddie's family to gather together for a picture, Maddie looked around and noticed someone very important was missing: Maddie's mom!  Her uncle volunteered to go back to the church gym and pick up her mom.  They got all their pictures at last, and then returned to the reception.

The servers started feeding the guests, as the food was hot and they took a long time coming back.  That was fine with Maddie and William, and was glad the guests were able to eat.  The wedding party ate, and then finished the festivities with cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet, etc.  Maddie fed the piece of cake nicely to William, but when it came time to feeding a piece of cake to Maddie, William was not so nice.  Maddie had cake all over her face, and even up her nose!

Maddie and William took off for their honeymoon to live happily ever after!  They stayed at a romantic hotel, and went to the Poconos the next day.  They stayed there for a few days.  There were comedians, archer lessons, paddle boating, and best of all...ping pong!  Guess who went home with a plastic trophy for ping pong champions?  Yes, Maddie and William!

They did have a couple problems on their honeymoon.  First problem was that there were ants in their room.  They ended up having to switch to a different room.  The second problem was they overestimated how much bubble bath to put into the bathtub.  There were bubbles everywhere!  They tried and tried to get the bubbles to pop or go down the drain.  They were afraid they were going to get in trouble!  Would they stay and get rid of every bubble, or leave and hope the maid takes care of it and doesn't hate them for it? Stay tuned!

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