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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Part 2 of Short Story: The Story of Maddie

In Part 1 of our story, Maddie was left with a decision.  Would she continue on her path as an interior decorator, or leave the university and go back home to community college to be a secretary?  This would mean she would not be getting a bachelor's degree, but she would gain the benefit of living back home, being with her friends and family, and best of all...being in close contact with her serious boyfriend, who may end up being her fiance.

She soul searched.  She thought about it.  She prayed. She counseled with her parents.  She counseled with her pastor.  She counseled with her friends and advisor.  She made a decision.

She finished out the year, and went back home to be what she really wanted to be: a secretary.  It was a great college, but she loved being home.  She went to the local community college and got her executive secretarial degree, and then got married to her high school crush, William.  

It was a sweet wedding.  Special friends and family made up their wedding party, and their colors were peach and white. It was a hot and humid summer day.  The church house was full with friends and family.  Everyone was in their place.  Maddie's best friend, who was her matron of honor, spent much time fixing Maddie's hair so it looked gorgeous around her veil.  The bridesmaids, matron of honor, and Maddie were in the little library adjacent to the sanctuary where the wedding would take place.  They thought of the perfect plan, so that no one would see Maddie until it was time.  The bridesmaids would go down the aisle, and the matron of honor would come get the bride when it was her time to come.  It was now 11 am, and ready to begin.

There were two problems already.  One was that when the matron of honor came to get the bride, she had to run in a panic because it was her turn to go down the aisle, so she caused a delay in the flow!  The second problem was when Maddie hurried to the ramp that led to the front doors, she realized that her veil wasn't over her face!  She wanted the veil over her face!  Her hair was styled in such a way that the veil would not be over her face.  She was quickly trying to pull the layer over her face, but the usher and her dad were trying to get her to hurry because everyone was waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle.  Her dad, trying to be helpful grabbed the veil and the whole thing came off her head!  It got plopped back on her head, the veil was pulled over her face, and the double doors opened.  There was the room full of people and her beloved William and his groomsmen at the front of the church.  

She had her dad's arm and looked at the people and smiled.  She wondered how many layers a veil had.  She was curious why the veil was so thick.  It was hard to see through it.  She felt that something was wrong, but no worries!  Her dad was supposed to lift the veil off her when he gave her away and kissed her cheek, so all would be well.  She got to the front of the church.  She looked at her pastor.  She looked at her William.  She looked at her matron of honor.  They got to the part where her father said he and her mom were giving her away to William.  Would her dad fix the veil?  Would he lift it off her face and kiss her cheek?  Or would he leave it as is?  Stay tuned!

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