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Monday, June 29, 2015

Part 4 of Short Story: the Story of Maddie

We left off as Maddie and William were nervous about leaving all the bubbles in the tub, but after trying and trying unsuccessfully to dry out the tub of the massive white bubbles, they finally left.  They felt guilty.  They wondered if the maid would have any success, and even if she would, if she would be upset with them!  When they returned later they were delighted to find the tub clean and shiny, sparkling without even one bubble to be found!  And no nasty note!  All was well with the world once again.

They went to the store and looked around at things for their new apartment.  They had a lot of fun browsing the various departments.  They bought a mat and a couple other small items.  As they were returning to their resort, they were driving around a windy road with a huge rock outlining the road on the right, a drop edge on the left, and a speeding car coming around the bend into their lane! Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!  Fortunately the car moved back into its lane and Maddie and William were safe!  Maddie reflected about how sad it would be to die on their honeymoon.

They liked where they were staying, but they got a little bored.  They felt they did all the activities they wanted to do.  They asked if they could leave a day early, which they did.  They enjoyed the comedian, the various games and activities, but were anxious to go do something else.  It was very woodsy where they were, and felt like they had enough of the woods.  They drove off to New Jersey, and found a hotel along the way.  It was kind of exciting for Maddie to look at the various possible hotels, and pick one that looked good.  Some were full, but they found one that was just right that still had vacancies.  It was a beautiful drive from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.  They stayed the night, and then went to Action Park, which was a fun park they had been to before.  They went on bumper boats, the alpine slide, go carts, etc.

When they finished their day, they drove home to Connecticut.  They were happy to come home to their apartment.  Their matron of honor and best man stayed at their apartment while they were gone.  When they got home, all their wedding gifts were stacked nicely on their kiddie-cornered fireplace.  Their furniture had already been moved into their apartment, because William stayed their for a month before they got married.  This would be Maddie's first night sleeping there.  It was beautiful!  It was an apartment from a retired doctor.  They had made the apartment downstairs for their grown children, but their children were off getting doctorate degrees, so it was available for rent.  Their landlords were from Turkey, and were very kind to them.  They loved staying there!

One of the conditions to renting there was that they would water their plants and take care of their dog and cats when they went away.  They were happy to!  Maddie, unfortunately, didn't have a green thumb, so to speak, so one time when they went away, she accidentally killed one of the plants!  It turned out it was from Hawaii!  When the landlords came home, the retired doctor was able to revitalize it.  He said, "The root is still good."  Whew!  Maddie was so relieved!

Another time they went away the cat got a tick on her.  William held the cat while Maddie pulled out the tick.  It was gross!  After William let go of the cat, the cat scratched William and then ran off.  Not a word of thanks!

Then one day the other cat got sick.  They took the cat to the vet, and the cat needed medicine.  They tried to call Turkey to tell them their cat might die, as they wanted to let them know she was sick, but the person answering the phone did not speak any English.  What would they do?  Stay tuned!

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