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Saturday, May 7, 2016

We Need to Educate on America's Original Ideals That Made Her Great

Some of the things that made America great was entrepreneurism (being able to come to this country and work hard to make your own living rather than being under socialism or communism where you are told what you have to do for work and/or having to give the majority of your pay to the big government), personal responsibility in our conduct (treating others with respect, not slandering others, and this includes journalism), honesty and integrity in business, religious freedom and freedom of conscience, valuing life (esp. human life) as sacred in which ending life on purpose is unacceptable, upholding the law and respecting law enforcement, etc. One of the main things immigrants cherished was the freedom to choose their work and make a good living on their own with hard work and determinism. It wasn't a culture of what our government could do for them, but how they could contribute to this great country to make it greater by using their skills and talents, everyone doing what they can to improve the world around them. This was done with a biblical world view, fearing God, teaching their children to love God and respect others, taking care of their bodies and spirits by promoting good health, and being good in general. There was a quote: America is great because she is good. When she ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.

On the topic of our 1st amendment rights, that is one of the things that makes America great is the freedom of speech! Where we have gone off the beaten path is that people are afraid to discuss issues anymore for fear of persecution. Our culture in general has become immature, in which we cannot have lively, intelligent debate, but rather attack each other personally. People are afraid of being wrong, so they cease to use rational arguments and instead lash out, get violent, insult, call names, and make fools of themselves. It is much more appropriate and mature to tease out issues respectfully and intelligently, do the research and be able to defend yourself. I have learned much by shutting my mouth and listening to the other side. That has molded me even better than I could do myself, because there have been areas in which I was wrong or misinformed, or things I simply hadn't thought of, and I learned from the opposite side. Or sometimes I get the opportunity to hear the other side, and now I know where they are coming from and can even better defend why I think I am right.

On the topic of freedom of religion, freedom of religion means that everyone has the freedom to practice their religion, or choose not to practice any religion. The public square was not meant to be devoid of religion, but to welcome all religion, to practice your faith peacefully, but to practice it openly. That was very important to our founding fathers, who were persecuted for their beliefs. We used to have state religions, and that isn't right, that's what they were escaping from. No one should be required, but all should be allowed without threat of persecution.  Separation of church and state was not made to protect the government, but rather to protect the people so that the government could not interfere with their conscience and faith.  Now, if religion breaches other laws, such as murders people or breaches the peace, then certainly the law can get involved.  

There needs to be education in the public schools on patriotism and our nation's heritage, the various kinds of government, etc.  I'm watching interviews of people who have no idea about our rich heritage or what socialism means.  That is a burden on my heart.  I'd love to go to some schools, give out little American flags, and teach these things, quote some of our great founding fathers, and stir up patriotism, love of God, love of family, and love of country.

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