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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Who is the Designer?

A friend of mine shared this with me, and I thought I would repost.

National Geographic and the Concept of Design
No magazine is more devoted to the dogma of evolution than National Geographic.  So it is always of interest when they speak of "design."  It illustrates that men, in the depth of their beings, know that things were designed, even if this fact runs counter to the theory of evolution which says that all things originated by blind chance apart from any intelligence. Here are some examples:
"A shimmering thoroughbred of the sea, the Atlantic bluefin tuna is uniquely designed to sprint at high speed, migrate over long distances, and survive the icy cold of deep water."  (National Geographic, March, 2014)
"Unlike lions and leopards, whose fully retractable claws are tools designed for tearing flesh and climbing trees, cheetahs have claws that are more like the spikes on a sprinter's track shoe...Everything about a cheetah is designed for speed--pure, raw, explosive speed.  Put  a cheetah and a Lamborghini side by side on a freeway, and it will be a even-money bet which will smash the speed limit first." (National Geographic, November, 2012).
The natural question would then be this:  "Who then is this Designer that you keep referring to?"

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